Ramp up Your Wellness Regime

Have you been spending a bit too much time on the sofa?  If so, you’re no doubt experiencing the side effects of lethargy, stiffness, bloating and quite possibly mild depression. Movement stimulates adrenaline which essentially jump starts our bodies.  Feeling lazy can actually trigger a vicious cycle. With all the advice on wellness blaring from nearly every major media outlet, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed.  Follow these simple, back to basics recommendation from the wellness experts to get your whole body health back on track. Extreme diets and over-zealous exercise regimes are rarely effective. At best, they made produce short term result. To truly get back on the path to wellness, start in moderation and develop sustainable, long term habits.

The first step is to literally take the first step. Walking is the simplest, safest and healthiest way to get on the wellness track. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon and invest in a pair of comfortable and well-fitting athletic shoes from the huge selection available through The Walking Company. Commit to walking just thirty minutes each day. Take along a friend, canine or otherwise, your favorite music or even your latest audible. You can also elect to simply enjoy your surroundings and take in your own thoughts. The key is to get moving and develop a habit. Don’t concentrate on speed or distance, but make your focus consistency and duration. After a few short weeks you’ll begin to feel an increase in stamina and strengthening muscles. Begin to inject two to three minute speed bursts every five minute throughout your walks. This will elevate your heart rate and challenge your muscles.

Don’t sabotage your new walking and wellness regime with poor food choices. The single biggest impact you can have on your diet is to eliminate fast food meals and sugary sodas. Bloating, weight gain, mood & energy swings and elevated blood pressure are just a few of the side effects of these food choices. Our bodies are not designed to metabolize excessive amounts of sugar and sodium. Best of luck to you on your new wellness journey. You can do it!

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